Cordless polishing without compromise

FLEX is and remains the measure of all things for professional polishing quality. This applies unrestrictedly – and now without awkward cables as well. High end surface finishing then becomes as independent and flexible as never before.

A matter of course: With battery technology too, FLEX is uncompromising in system performance and reliability.

Unlimited potential
– Random orbital or rotational drive technology

– For all users from the professional polisher to the beginner

– For all painted surfaces in automotive, caravanning, aviation, and maritime applications

– Two exchangeable batteries for work without breaks

Perfect balance

Maximum freedom of movement and ergonomics for the user. The optimal location of the battery not only perfects the spread of weight, but also promotes the polisher’s high-response manoeuvrability without disruptive elements and any possible contact with the painted workpiece. Never before has the polisher been so responsive!

Cordless rotary polisher PE 150 18.0-EC

Concentrated power with high speed for high removal rate


۱٫ Centred speed wheel for left and right handers
۲٫ Spindle lock
۳٫ Ergonomic grip hood with SoftGrip
۴٫ M14 Tool holder
۵٫ Long-life and powerful EC motor
۶٫ Accelerator trigger switch with lock
۷٫ Integrated discharge protection
۸٫ Ergonomic handle with SoftGrip
۹٫ Dust protection grille
۱۰٫ Charge status indicator
۱۱٫ Battery packs 2.5 Ah/5.0 Ah with KEEP COOL™ technology
۱۲٫ Intelligent Electronic Management System

Cordless random orbital polisher, free running XFE 15 150 18.0-EC

Gentle to the surface and easy to operate


۱٫ Centred speed wheel for left and right handers
۲٫ Long-life and powerful EC motor
۳٫ Ergonomic grip hood with Softgrip
۴٫ Velcro pad Ø ۱۵۰ mm and Ø ۱۲۵ mm
۵٫ Accelerator trigger switch with lock
۶٫ Integrated discharge protection
۷٫ Ergonomic handle with Softgrip
۸٫ Dust protection grille
۹٫ Charge status indicator
۱۰٫ Battery packs 2.5 Ah/5.0 Ah with KEEP COOL™ technology
۱۱٫ Intelligent Electronic Management System